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No one knows Philadelphia real estate better than Sam Akif. He has been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2016, as well as an avid investor for many years.  Originally his passion for investments grew from the stock market where he specialized in finding intrinsic value in small companies.  He has leveraged his financial knowledge and applied it to real estate where he specializes in the sale of investment real estate.  In addition to building an investment company of his own, he is constantly studying the market and looking for the next opportunity for his clients. By applying his knowledge of the market, his transaction experience and his general financial knowledge he is able to make the buying and selling process as lucrative as possible.  

In addition, Sam prides himself in his responsiveness, his negotiation skills as well as his high ethical standards, which has allowed him to provide the highest quality customer service.  He strives to build lasting relationships with all of his clients through trust and communication.  His efforts are focused mainly on the sale side of the transaction but he loves helping buyers find their next investment or their first home. In his spare time, you can find Sam traveling, going to the gym, reading or spending time with friends and family.

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